Barista stations


// Barista stations

Lor Coffee Bar

Lor Unmanned Coffee Bar delivering Super premium coffee Experiences 24/7

High quality coffee shop experience
Revenue driving premium coffee brand
Zero upfront investment
Free ingredients and ancillaries
No installation cost
No equipment rental
Revenue Share model (only pay for drinks you sell)
Using 2 blends of espresso beans and fresh milk
3 different syrups
Cashless payment terminal

Pret Express

Pret Express brings you the organic coffee experience in-house, by offering a smart self service concept that is available 24/7. Everything is included; from ingredients to installation, service and POS. An unmanned, hassle free, 24 / 7 self serve concept.

100% organic Coffee & Milk with espresso and decaf espresso, offering a choice of High Spec intuitive machines, beautifully designed furniture and POS kit, using a cashless self service system. The Smart hassle free coffee solution!

Perfect for Fuel Stations, Education, Business and Health & Care.