Merchants are a range of high quality espresso beans freshly roasted by ourselves. Within this prestigious range we offer; Gold, Verona and Milano Beans. All delivering a delicious cup of coffee.

Cafe Trevetti

A blend of South and Central American coffees. It is rich and full bodied with a harmonious balance of roast flavours and subtle citrus acidity with an indulgent dark chocolate finish.

DE White Ox

Distinctively bold and dark roasted coffee. It is the result of more than 265 years of expertise from past and present master roasters. It is expertly blended, 100% arabica and UTZ certified. The coffee beans have notes of dark chocolate and crisp red berries.

PDO Intenso

Piazza D’Oro coffee blends utilise premium and exotic coffee beans, each with its own set of flavours, aromas and characteristics to excite and inspire. Enjoy notes of chocolate, dark fudge and a hint of macadamia nuts.