Excellence Compact

This high-capacity machine delivers top quality coffee with seven standard variations, delivering a cup every six seconds and a pot every 42 seconds.

Quantum 110/300

With continuous coffee brewing and two standard variations, the Quantum can offer delivery of two cups every four seconds and two pots every 23 seconds.

Excellence Touch

A unique coffee machine that combines high capacity with premium quality coffee. It offers 12 standard variations, delivering six seconds per cup and 30 seconds per pot (900ml). This results in an impressive 700 cups per hour. With the closed brewing system, everyone can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee at any time.

Vitro S1

A compact coffee machine designed to provide quality coffee espresso-based drinks.

Coffee Club

Small and elegantly designed the Coffee Club is perfect where coffee quality is required in the minimum of space. Packed with sophisticated technology it still manages to provide a premium fresh milk espresso drink experience

Barista One

Combining coffee from the finest beans with the innovative technology of a fully automatic Swiss-made espresso machine. This results in a truly authentic espresso experience for coffee bean lovers.

Schaerer Soul

A stylish Swiss-crafted machine with a full-colour 8-inch touch screen. Fully automatic with patented best foam technology to deliver coffee of the highest quality, superior to most baristas.

Sanremo Zoe Tall

The perfect entry-level commercial espresso machine. A solid performer which looks amazing and has a clear shot timer to ensure you produce consistently great coffee. Tall version available.

Sanremo Verona

Beautiful and efficient, the Verona SED combines classic style with the power and reliability of any modern Sanremo machine.

Sanremo F18

San Remo F18 The F18 is a premium multi-boiler machine with great steam performance. Next generation technology provides intuitive programming and features to improve performance and energy efficiency (SEEM). Tall Cup Capability.